Adding a video or audio clip to your site

how to embed a video or audio player within your public site
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Video and audio clips are a great way to share your performances with visitors to your site. Although you cannot upload video or audio directly to your public site and have it play, you can embed an online player to share media with your site visitors.

Example online players include: Youtube, vimeo, soundcloud

The general first step is adding your media to the site/player you plan on using. The most common one would be uploading a video to youtube. You can do this for free. If you need assistance uploading your video or audio to one fo the online player sites, please refer to their respective support pages.

Check your settings: Youtube allows several privacy options for videos. Be sure your video is either public or unlisted so that you can share the video on your site. Private videos will not be shareable via this method.

Once you've uploaded your content to your chosen site, you will need to copy the embed code.

The steps for this will change depending on the player you're chosen.
Here are some quick links to the common help pages for this step:

If you do not see your chosen player listed here and need help finding the embed code for that player, try googling the name of the player and "embed code help".

Once you have the embed code, go to the page or block within your public site where you want to display the video.

In the edit mode for that page, click the "source" button in the text editor. This is where you can enter HTML code (like the embed code) to display within your site.

Paste in your code - be sure to be mindful of placement if you have any other content on the page.

HTML HINT:  The code " <p>&nbsp;</p> " is a full paragraph line space. it helps to have this between your video and your text so it's not too squished together.

Click the "source" button again to see your video. You maye just see a box that says "Iframe" in the text editor - this is okay. Your video will display correctly when you are viewing the site.

You may want to make adjustments to your video size and alignment. the easiest way to do this is to is to double click the player box open the Iframe Properties dialogue box. it will display a variety of options for you to adjust.

Important tip: To keep your video mobile-friendly, it is recommended to erase the width measurement and just use a height measurement. This allows the player to adjust the width based on the available screen space.

After making any necessary adjustments, click the "OK" button to save your changes. Then, remember to scroll to the bottom of your page and save your changes.

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