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Ready to practice your tracks?
Written by Sharlene Kowk
Updated 1 year ago

ChorusClass is an app that simplifies the use of learning tracks. You can record your own learning tracks directly in the app, or upload your previously acquired files. Or you can of course just sync your Choir Genius account and import your learning tracks directly from there. You'll only need one audio track per part (i.e. 4 tracks for a standard SATB arrangement), the rehearsal features of the app will then let you choose predominant, isolated or full mix, as well as any combination of parts you wish to listen to.  You can also loop a particularly difficult segment of your song with their loop feature.

Read more about Chorus Class here.

Chorus Class requires an Admin to enable the integration within your ChoirGenius site.

Go to: 
Admin Settings & Tools page and scroll to a section called "Integrations".
You can synchronize music for one or more subgroups.
Just click the "Chorus Class" link to get started.

The ChorusClass integration is only available for CG4.

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