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Make your site easier to find with a custom domain name
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Your site starts with a domain name at one or our subdomains, something like: - but often when you have a public site with us, you'll want to use your own custom domain name for your site.

The domain name is the public address where your site lives. We will always be the host of your site, but you can register for your own domain name with a variety of DNS Registrars - companies like GoDaddy, or easyDNS.

Moving your site is relatively easy - we do most of the heavy lifting, but here are a few things to know:

  • You will need to purchase your own custom domain name through a DNS Registrar.
    • Custom domain names are typically about $10 to $15 a year, and will need to be renewed separately through your DNS Registrar
  • We cannot move your site to a domain where another site already lives
    • This means that if you have a public site with another company, we cannot move your ChoirGenius site to that same domain.... unless it lives at a subdomain, OR you're intending to replace the current site with your CG site.
  • Moving the site will affect the mailing list addresses
    • Your CG site's mailing lists use the same domain as your site, so moving your site will change the domain used in all of your mailing list addresses (the part the comes after the @ symbol). 
    • This is important to know because if you currently have domain email inboxes for your custom domain already, you will not be able to use our mailing lists addresses. 
Custom domain and email
Email received by a domain can only be sent to one place - either the mail service you already have for your custom domain, or our mailing lists.
Examples of mail services that might be connected to your domain are google mail services, ms outlook, etc.

It's still possible to move your site to your custom domain even if you are using a mail service already and you wish to keep it (it's great for having custom addresses for your adoring fans or potential members to reach you!) but your ChoirGenius mailing lists will not be able to receive any incoming mail - to use them, you will need to always post or "add email" with the site.
  • In order to connect your site to your custom domain, we will need you to direct the entire domain's settings to Cloudflare
    • This is done by changing the nameservers to settings that ChoirGenius Support will give you when you're ready to move your site. 
    • Cloudlfare allows us to use CNAME flattening to connect your domain to your site with us. This is required in order to connect your site and the custom domain name.
    • This means that all DNS settings for your domain will need to be managed through Cloudflare. CG Support will typically manage all of this for you, but if you would prefer to manage your own Cloudflare account, that is also possible.
  • Moving a site is quick, but it does usually take about a 24 to process all the changes for the settings (this does not affect site access), and then about an hour to move the site (during this time the site will be inaccessible). Sites can only be moved during Support hours (M-F, 9-5 Pacific). It's recommended to contact Support at least 3 days before you'd like to move your site so that we can schedule a site move time for you.

Ready to move your site to a custom domain?

Contact Choir Genius Support via the help chat within your site, or via email at

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