Managing Accounts

Learn about adding new accounts, editing information, and keeping everything up to date
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Manage your accounts

As an admin, you can view all account on the "manage accounts" page.
There are several tabs to show you various profile information from all accounts.

The tables are all interactive, so you can search, multi select to edit, or event click the pencil icon next to a field to edit the information right within the table.

To view "blocked" accounts, use the filter option and select status: blocked

Accounts without roles cannot see the other users within the system, but Members and Parents will be cable to see their fellow members on the "Members" page. The information is more limited on these pages, and Users can select what address and contact information is shared here within their profile.

Add a new account

Admins can add a new account by going to: Accounts > Add account

All that's required is a name, but it is also recommended to add a valid email address so that accounts can be contacted.

Be sure to assign a role that gives your user an appropriate level of permissions so that can interact with the site. If they are just a mailing list contact, there is no need to assign them a role, but you will want to assign them a Subgroup or label for organization. Subgroups are visible to the assignee. Labels private and are only seen by the leadership.

Note: Only accounts with roles will receive login invitations

Making adjustments to the profile setup

You can add your own custom profile fields via: Admin Settings & Tools > Custom profile fields page.

You can choose what fields a Member will be reminded to fill out on the "Account Settings" page. This is accessed via Admin Settings & Tools as well.

Edit, Delete or Block an account

You can edit any account as an admin by going to the "edit" tab when viewing their profile.

If you wish to remove an account from the system you can delete their account. This will permanently remove all of their personal information and data from the site.

Sometimes, you may wish to remove them from your active list, but keep their account data and history for record keeping. In this case, it would be best to change their account status from "active" to "blocked". Blocked users cannot login to the site, and do not receive any notifications or emails. However, it will retain their order and membership history. A blocked user can be switched back to active at any time.

This page is currently under construction. Here are some quick items to help get you started.
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